Board of Directors Committees

To improve the effectiveness of resolutions passed by the Board of Directors, ensure more detailed preliminary discussions of most important matters and prepare relevant recommendations, PJSC Aeroflot has three dedicated Committees of the Board of Directors: Audit Committee, Personnel and Remuneration Committee, and Strategy Committee.

The procedures governing committee creation and activities are outlined in the respective regulations.

The Audit Committee monitors the Company’s financial and operational activities to protect shareholder interests and ensure the growth of the Company’s assets. Coordinating with the Company’s executive bodies, the Revision Committee and the Internal Audit Department, the Audit Committee prepares and submits for consideration by the Board of Directors recommendations and proposals on matters of the Board.

Members of the Audit Committee

Vasily SidorovCommittee Chairman,
Independent Director
Aleksey GermanovichIndependent Director
Igor KamenskoyIndependent Director
Roman PakhomovNon-executive Director

Personnel and Remuneration Committee promotes the development of the HR policy, supervises matters concerning the Company’s organisational structure, selection and assessment of persons appointed to the Company’s governing bodies, their remuneration, and the remuneration system.

Members of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee

Igor KamenskoyCommittee Chairman,
Independent Director
Aleksey GermanovichIndependent Director
Roman PakhomovNon-executive Director
Dmitry PeskovNon-executive Director
Vasily SidorovIndependent Director

The Strategy Committee has been set up to prepare recommendations and proposals to the Board of Directors enhancing the Company’s performance and improving its long-term strategy.

Members of the Strategy Committee

Roman PakhomovCommittee Chairman,
Non-executive Director
Mikhail AlekseevNon-executive Director
Giorgio CallegariMember of the Management Board,
Deputy CEO for Strategy and Alliances
Aleksey GermanovichIndependent Director
Igor KamenskoyIndependent Director
Shamil KurmashovMember of the Management Board,
Deputy CEO for Commerce and Finance
Dmitry PeskovNon-executive Director
Dmitry SaprykinNon-executive Director
Vasily SidorovIndependent Director
Yury SlyusarNon-executive Director