The dividend policy is central to corporate governance, forming the key indicator that the company is respecting shareholder rights.


In July 2014, a new Dividend Policy for PJSC Aeroflot was adopted in order to safeguard transparency in the calculation of dividends. It sets out the Board of Directors’ approach for formulating its recommendations to the AGM on the distribution of profit, including via dividends.

Under this policy, PJSC Aeroflot’s consolidated net profit in accordance with IFRS will be used to calculate dividends payable. 

Decisions regarding dividend size are taken in line with a specially developed system that weighs a range of performance indicators for the reporting year, the debt burden and the Group’s medium-term financial plan. The policy currently provides for a target payment of 25% of the Group’s IFRS revenue.

The Dividend Policy can be found on following the link.

The AGM on 27 June 2016 approved the decision not to pay dividends on PJSC Aeroflot shares for 2015.

Dividend History

Dividend per share, RUB1.091.811.162.50- -
Total dividend, thousand RUB1,205,1302,000,0181,292,3132,774,195--
% of net profit10.0%19.2%26.0%25.0%--
Accounts used to determine net profitRASRASRASRASIFRS IFRS
Form paid, other conditionsCashCashCashCash--