About Aeroflot

Aeroflot Group is Russia’s leading airline and one of the largest European and global carriers. In 2020 the Group carried more than 30,2 million passengers (60,7 million passengers in 2019). Aeroflot Group is active in key market segments, from premium to budget, providing passengers with a wide range of travelling options.

The Group’s top priority and its social mission is to enhance air connectivity across Russia and its regions and improve population mobility.

The Group is strongly positioned to serve Russian domestic and international routes and continues to capitalise on growth opportunities in both domestic and global air travel markets in line with its long-term strategy.

Aeroflot Group includes Aeroflot Airlines (Group’s flagship premium carrier), Pobeda Airlines (a pioneering low-cost carrier) and Rossiya Airlines (mid-market carrier). PJSC Aeroflot is the parent company of the Group, which also includes a number of specialised service companies.

Aeroflot Group is recognised internationally for its customer service. Aeroflot Airlines holds 4-Star Airline status from Skytrax, has been named Best Airline in Eastern Europe eight times at the Skytrax World Airline Awards, and also holds Five Star Global Airline status from APEX. In 2019, Aeroflot Airlines received a five-star punctuality rating from OAG and was the world's most on-time mainline airline according to the Cirium’s annual On-Time Performance (OTP) Review.

One of the Group’s strongest competitive advantages is its fleet. Aeroflot Airlines operates one of the youngest fleets of any global carrier operating more than 100 aircraft, with an average aircraft age of 5.6 years (7.1 years for all Aeroflot Group carriers). As of the end of 2020, the Group fleet comprised 342 aircraft, 241 of them operated by Aeroflot Airlines.

In 2020, Aeroflot Group’s network airlines (Aeroflot, Rossiya and Aurora*) operated 283 scheduled routes. Pobeda LCC network comprised 126 destinations, including 66 not covered by the Group’s other airlines. Aeroflot Group’s airlines operated flights to 56 countries.

The largest stakeholder in PJSC Aeroflot is the Russian Federation, which has a stake of 57.3% in the Company. 40.7% of total common shares are free floating.

PJSC Aeroflot shares are traded on Moscow Exchange (ticker: AFLT) and internationally as Global Depositary Receipts in Frankfurt.

Note. For the year 2020.

* PJSC Aeroflot" terminated its participation in the capital of JSC "Aurora Airlines" on December 25, 2020, having sold the shares owned by the Company