Group Structure

Aeroflot Group has adopted a multi-brand structure that allows each subsidiary company to operate in its own market segment.


Aeroflot Group includes: Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, Rossiya, Aurora and Pobeda.

The Group also owns several complementary businesses:

  • Aeromar – on-board meals, on-board cleaning services, SKYSHOP on-board and airport shopping
  • Sherotel – operator of the Novotel-branded hotel at Sheremetyevo Airport. One of the largest Novotel’s in Europe and Russia’s first. Additionally services premium class lounges in Sheremetyevo’s terminals D, E and F
  • Aeroflot Aviation School – Training programs for Aeroflot staff as well as other companies in the air travel and tourism sector.
  • A-Techniks – Aircraft maintenance and repair operations
  • Aeroflot-Finance – Consultations on commercial activity and management