Board of directors’ meeting

05 May 2010

Summary of the board of directors’ meeting in August 2008

Moscow, 27thAugust 2008: At the board of directors’ meeting in August 2008, on application by Aeroflot’s executive board, it was decided to open a branch in Krasnoyarsk. After KrasAir’s difficulties to continue its operations and to meet the considerable demand in this region, Aeroflot plans to base its own Tu-154 at Krasnoyarsk airport (up to seven aircraft in the fourth quarter of this year).

In addition, the board of directors affirmed implementation of the newly created program «Energy savings and improve of ecological efficiency until 2020». The program was developed and presented by Aeroflot’s general management. It is part of the airline’s strategic development and signifies the realization of the Russian president’s decree from 4th June 2008 «On measures for the improvement of the energetic and ecological efficiency of the Russian industry».

The program is aimed at enhanced utilization of fuel and energy resources and simultaneously at the reduction of negative environmental effects (noise protection and CO2 emission).

The company defines large decreases in fuel consumption as its top priority and expects great ecological and financial benefit from its program.

The realization of these measures enables Aeroflot to save up to 1.5 mio tons of fuel per year, thereby cutting costs of passenger-kms until 2020 by 44% compared to 2007.