Activity results for December and twelve months of 2007

05 May 2010

OAO “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” summarized the work over December and twelve months of 2007.

In December 2007 the air company carried 633,8 thous. passengers (including charter flights 0,4 thous. passengers), reached 1 bln. 918 mln passenger miles. In December the occupation rate of passenger seats amounted 64,0%, the percent of the commercial load – 52,5%.

Comparing to activities of 2006 the volume of work in December increased: carriage of passengers by 12,2%, passenger traffic by 8,1%. The volume of passenger carriage on international airlines increased by 10,5%, on domestic lines – by 15,4%.

According to preliminary information, for twelve months of 2007 Aeroflot carried 8 mln. 166 thous. passengers – comparing to 2006 the growth is 12%. The occupation rate of passenger seats amounted – 70,3%, commercial load – 55,7%. Passenger carriage of Aeroflot group (airline Aeroflot, Aeroflot-Don, Aeroflot-Nord) amounted 10,2 million, by 14,6% higher than the index of the previous year.

OAO “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” (AFLT) – is the indisputable leader of civil aviation in Russia, the practical national carrier. Being the biggest air company of the country, it carries over 8 mln. people a year, and together with subsidiary companies – about 10 mln., i.e. the quarter of the total number of Russian air passengers. Having at its disposal the fleet of 83 aircrafts, it performs its own flights to 93 points of 47 countries (totally 302 flights per day). It controls 51% of the Russian market of regular international carriages and around 12% of domestic air carriages. The net income for the year 2006 amounted 7,3 bln.rub. (the consolidated income of Aeroflot group 258,1 mln. US dollars according to IFRS).

Aeroflot – is one of the oldest air companies and one of the most well known commercial brands in the world. The company was founded in 1923; it is based in Moscow, in the international airport Sheremet’yevo. In 2006, Aeroflot became the first Russian air company entering the global alliance SkyTeam. The joint route network of the alliance numbers 841 points in 162 countries, which gives the limitless possibilities of choice for the passengers of Aeroflot. The customers of Aeroflot enjoy bonus programs of all alliance partners. The information about the advantages of participation in the alliance SkyTeam one can find in the internet site www . skyteam . com.

Aeroflot – is the first Russian airline that received the certificate of operator of the international air standard of industrial safety IOSA. Following results of 2007 a respected magazine about travels “Afisha-MIR” recognized Aeroflot as the best airline.

In the site one can buy tickets for Aeroflot flights using on-line payments, the electron ticket technology, and to know more about the air company.