At The Board Of Directors Of “Aeroflot” OJSC

05 May 2010

The Board of Directors of "Aeroflot" OJSC approved the Plan of Production, Financial and Economic Activity as well as the Company's budget for 2007 on December 28, 2006.

The following aims were determined for "Aeroflot" OJSC for 2007: further development of passenger transportations, improvement of quality of the rendered services thanks to optimization of regular flights and increase of the network connectivity; modernization of the fleet; priority development of WEB-reservation and internet-sales channels with introduction of electronic ticketing; strengthening of interrelation within the framework of international aviation Sky Team Alliance; realization of investment projects; preparation and putting into operation Sheremetyevo-3 terminal.

Increase of the provided capacities by 11.0% and the flying time by 10.2% will be provided due to more effective use of new aircrafts. At that, the specific consumption of jet fuel will decrease by 7.3%.

Supply of new modern aircrafts will make it possible to perform the work on development of the route network. Increase of the flight frequency is provided for on the following routes: St. Petersburg, Mineralnye Vody, Omsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Simferopol. The following lines will be expanded in the current year: Moscow - Krasnoyarsk, Moscow - Magadan, and Moscow - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It is planned to increase the frequency of flights to Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, Bishkek, and Tashkent.

Dynamic development of transportations is also planned in the countries of Europe and South-East Asia - increase of the available seats has amounted to 14.0% and 8.9% correspondingly. Flight frequency increases on the following routes: London, Nice, Rome, Milan, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Sofia, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Oslo. Flights to Malaga will be carried out on regular basis.

Apart from the indicated changes flights to the Saudi Arabia will be performed on regular basis (Jidda), and flight frequency on the route Moscow - Larnaka is increasing.

The offered measures on development of the route network will make it possible to plan the increase in the number of the transported passengers by 14.6% with respect to the expected level of the current year.

In 2007 it is planned to perform 2,670.8 million tonne-kilometers (+11.9% by 2006) and 25,223.4 million passenger-kilometers (+11.8% by 2006), to transport 8,345.5 thousand passengers (+14.6% by 2006), 80.3 thousand tons of freights (+9.1% by 2006) and 5.0 thousand tons of mail (+15.7% by 2006). It is planned to achieve the increase of passenger transportations in comparison with the level of 2006 in all the regions: Russia +21.7%, CIS +19.5%, Europe +16.0%, South-East Asia +8.2%, Middle East +1.9%, Japan +1.2%, America +1.5%.

The passenger load should achieve 71.2% (which is higher than the expected level for 2006 by 0.5%).

The volume of the proceeds from sale of passenger tickets in 2007 is expected to increase in comparison with 2006 by 19.2%, which will ensure the planned earnings gain for the company from transportations (calculated on the basis of flight coupons of passengers transported by the domestic and outside fleet) by 20.7%.