Aeroflot Summarized The Results Of Its Business For November And Eleven Months Of 2006

05 May 2010

“Aeroflot - Russian Airlines” OJSC summarized the results of its work for November and eleven months of 2006.

In November 2006 the airline transported 553.9 thousand passengers and 13.5 thousand tons of mail and freights. The company performed 1 billion 745 million passenger-kilometers and 234.7 million tonne-kilometers. The occupation ratio of passenger seats amounted to 65.3%, the ratio of the revenue load was 55.4%.

In comparison with the level of 2005 the volume of works on passenger transportation in November on international lines increased by 8.2% (+27.6 thousand passengers) and by 38.3% (+52.2 thousand passengers) on domestic lines. The volumes of freight transportation by passenger aircrafts increased by 1.6% (+69.7 thousand tons), and decreased by 10.7% (-708.9 thousand tons) by freight aircrafts. At that, the increase on domestic lines amounted to 29.3% (+610,0 tons). Transportation of mail increased by 1.5% (+3.4 tons) on international lines and by 57.7% (+80.1 tons) on domestic lines.

For eleven months of 2006 Aeroflot transported 6 million 726 thousand passengers and 132.3 thousand tons of mail and freights, performed 20 billion 632 million passenger-kilometers and 2 billion 656 million tonne-kilometers. The occupancy ratio of passenger seats for this period amounted to 70.7%, the revenue load was 58.0%, which was higher than the last year’s level by 1.3% and 0.1% correspondingly.

In comparison with the last year the volumes of works for the eleven months amounted to: 107.9% (+491,3 thousand passengers) on transportation of passengers, 107.1% (+1359.0 million passenger-kilometers) on passenger turnover, 105.0% (+126.8 million tonne-kilometers) on tonne-kilometers, 99.6% (- 16.3 tons) on transportation of mail, 99.6% (-552.4 tons) on transportation of freights.

The flying time in comparison with the level of 2005 increased by 5.4% on passenger aircrafts and decreased by 4.9% on freight aircrafts. The flying time of the fleet in general increased by 4.8% (+11372 hours).