At The Board Of Directors Of OAO “Aeroflot”

05 May 2010

At the scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of OAO "Aeroflot" the balance of the air company work within 9 months of the current year was discussed on November 29 of this year.

Within this period 5 mln. 529 thousand (339 thousand more than within 9 months of the previous year) and 104,5 thousand tons of post and cargo were flown, as well as 16 bln. 907 mln. passenger-kilometer and 2 bln. 159 mln tonne-kilometer.

The increase of the volume of traffic was achieved due to the development of the routes network and increase of flights frequency in domestic and international air lines, as well as more effective commercial activity. Occupation of passenger chairs has increased by 1.8% and comprised 71.4% within this period.

The proceeds of OAO "Aeroflot" from sale of air conveyance and fulfilled services within 9 months of the year 2006 have comprised 50 805,0 mln. rubles, which is by 16.5% more than the similar period of the year 2005.

As a result of production-financial activity within 9 months of the year 2006, after the tax payment and other due payments, the income in the amount of 4 497.7 mln rubles, which is by 2 139.7 mln. rubles more comparing to the previous year.

The Board of Directors has observed results of the usage by OAO "Aeroflot" the software system for booking and management of resources Sabre, as well as main directions of its further usage. Due to changeover to Sabre software, a modern full-functional tool for booking and management of resources was received, which exceeds significantly possibilities of the previous technologies.

The system security has improved, a base for the changeover to the electronic ticket. The agents network has received a modern tool with provision of access to additional services for hotels booking and car rental, sea and railway carriages, as well as to the biggest tariffs data base. As a result of introduction Sabre products the prerequisites were created for changeover to 100% automatic printing of tickets; procedures of the through registration and other services were adapted to requirements of SkyTeam alliance.

Technical possibilities of the new system provided support of the growth of passengers number who fly frequently according to the program Aeroflot-Bonus from 250 thousand in April 2005 to 626 thousand in October 2006.

As a result of introduction of the internet sale on the base of SabreSonic Web product, users of Internet received possibility to book a carriage, make payment of the carriage with credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, UATP, AmEx), to make an air ticket in any sales office of the air company.

The further usage of Sabre makes it possible to change to the electronic ticket technology, to implement technology of passengers registration, using booths of self-registration, which are planned to be installed in Sheremet'yevo airport until the end of this year.

The Board of Directors stated that the changeover of Aeroflot to the usage of Sabre system provided the air company with the modern and effective tool of sales organization, created favorable conditions for further development of air company technologies, comparable with the leading international air carriers.

The Board of Directors has observed results of the Air-technical complex (ATC) activity within the year 2005 - the first half-year of 2006, tasks and perspectives of its development.

A high level of charterworthiness of air crafts support was noted, compliance of ATC activity to Russian and international standards and regulations.

The Board of Directors especially noted activities for improvement of reliability and efficiency of IL-96-300 planes.

With the aim of improvement of the passengers' service level, a modernization of passenger salons of Tu-154 air crafts, a complex of activities for making interiors of air crafts IL-96-300 and Tu-154 in compliance to the international standards of passengers' safety and comfort is being performed.

There is the only in the civil aviation of Russia metrological laboratory in ATC of Aeroflot, which performs metrological control and calibration of a wide range of tools and equipment of the foreign and Russian production. It provides functioning of the effective system of the incoming control and estimation of authenticity of air crafts components based on developed and implemented methods and technologies of acceptance and control of air mechanisms and components of the domestic production.

The Board of Directors has confirmed ATC tasks in the field of technical service organization of air technique: to provide high level of flights' security, to stay the leading organization for the technical service of air crafts of the domestic and foreign production in Russia, to enlarge a range of provided services and to compete successfully on the domestic and international market of technical service of the domestic and foreign air crafts.

The Board of Directors of the Association has taken a decision to observe a question of fulfillment of "Strategic development concept of OAO "Aeroflot"" for the period until the year 2010 during the next scheduled meeting. A number of members of the Board of Directors suggested including consolidation of the Russian air companies by Aeroflot as one of the priority tasks of the air company for the next period.