Aeroflot, Dalavia And Sakhalin Airlines Propose To Establish Far-East Aviation Company

05 May 2010

Aviation company JSC "Aeroflot", FGUP "Dalavia", JSC "Sakhalin Airlines" have decided to combine their efforts to create in the Far-east Federal District a big competitive aviation company, capable to offer transportation services on both regional and international directions and with the fleet consisting of modern airplanes.

For the parties to the agreement consolidation of regional companies on a basis of JSC "Aeroflot" seems to be the one and only real opportunity to ensure proper competitive level, financial and technical enhancement of regional carriers without reduction of number of workplaces, and in terms of provisioning of Far-East region residents with reliable aviation transportation and increasing of tax revenues.

According the statement of General Director of JSC "Aeroflot" Valeriy Okulov, "…purpose of this consolidation is to develop the air transportation business in the region. Development and widening of the regional and long-distance aviation conveyances is expected to be based on establishing of large scale transportation hub in Khabarovsk city, further broadening of internal and transfer passenger flow, renewal of the aircraft fleet, development of internal and international flight networks. Aeroflot possesses the modern airplane fleet. the company is the member of Sky Team international alliance, we are about to finish construction of 9 million terminal in Sheremetyevo airport, and we are prepared to invest both the money and the technologies in creation of large scale local aviation company, which would be quite competitive both on domestic and international markets".

Following the statement made by Director of FGUP "Dalavia" Pavel Sevastyanov, "… the process of enlargement of aviation enterprises is unavoidable. The experience of joint operation of Khabarovsk - Moscow line, powered together with Aeroflot, has demonstrated the real perspectives in enhancing of the efficiency of aviation conveyances, and it has also demonstrated the real opportunities in strengthening of partnership and renewing of aircraft fleet".

"Engagement of Aeroflot in this project would ensure the most modern level of technologies, services and safety, as well as to build the really effective flight network. United aviation company will be able to provide not just additional employment and higher tax revenues for the region, but will facilitate in resolving of common state level tasks…", said General Director of

JSC "Sakhalin Airlines" Konstantin Sukhorebrik.

In 2005 JSC "Aeroflot" delivered 6.8 million passengers to 89 destinations in 47 countries of the world. Aircraft fleet of the company consists of 86 airplanes, manufactured both in Russia and in the West.

FGUP "Dalavia" delivered 576 thousand passengers. The company makes flights to 25 destinations, aircraft fleet consists of 30 airplanes (primarily Tupolev -214, Tupolev -154M, Antonov-24 and Antonov-12).

JSC "Sakhalin Airlines" (100% of shares belong to the government) served 111,5 thousand passengers. Company has 12 airplanes (Boeing 737, Dash 8, Antonov-24 and Antonov-12).