The New Board Of Directors Of Aeroflot Is Elected

05 May 2010

Annual General Meeting of OAO "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" has approved the new Board of Directors.

According preliminary information the new Board comprises 11 from 14 candidates:

- Antonov V. N. - OAO "Aeroflot" General Director First Deputy;

- Danilitskiy A. A. - OOO "National Reserve Corporation" General Director;

- Dashutin L. A. - OOO "National Reserve Corporation" General Director First Deputy;

- Ivanov V. P. - Assistant of the President of Russian Federation;

- Kopeykin M. Yu. - Russian Federation Administration Head First Deputy;

- Nikitin G. S. - "Rosimuschestvo" Head of Department;

- Okulov V. M. - OAO "Aeroflot" General Director;

- Tikhonov A. V. - Russian Ministry of Transport Department Director;

- Shablin V. N. - OAO AKB "National Reserve Bank" Vice-President;

- Sharovov A. V. - stats-secretary – Russian Federation Minister of Economy and Trade Deputy

-Yurtchik A. A. - "Rosaviation" Gead

According preliminary information majority of all votes given for those elected to the Board of Directors belongs to OAO "Aeroflot" General Director Valeriy Jkulov.

Final result of voting will be published in compliance with Federal Law "About Stock Holding Companies".

OAO “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”. Based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport. Founded in 1923. The biggest Russian aviation company controlling about 11% of domestic and 39% of international transportation markets of Russia. Member of global aviation alliance Sky Team, elected by the readers of Global Traveler magazine as the "Best aviation alliance". In 2005 Aeroflot delivered 6,8 million of passengers in 89 cities of 47 countries. Having a fleet of 88 vehicles Aeroflot performs 302 flights a day. Net profit of the company in 2005 was 6.032 billion Rubles. More details about the company are available at: and