Aeroflot Announces Results For December And For Year 2005

05 May 2010

Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, JSC has summarized its performance results for December and 12 months of 2005.

In December, 2005 the company carried 472,100 passengers and 126,000 tonnes of mail and cargo, posting 1,477 million passenger-kilometers and 206.9 million of tonne-kilometers for the period. Cargo load factor totaled 57.2%, while passenger load factor amounted to 65.3% in December 2005.

For the 12 months of 2005, Aeroflot carried 6.7 million passengers and 1,5 million tones of mail and cargo, having operated 20,750 million passenger-kilometers and 2,736 million tonne-kilometers, with passenger load factor totaling 69.1%, and cargo load factor amounting to 58.0%.

The 2005 volume posed an average 1-2% decline by a number of parameters against 2004, except for mail volume growing by 1.4%. The number of passengers carried fell mainly due to reducing passenger load, as prices rose as a result of rocketing fuel prices. The company performance was also affected by suspended operation of IL-96-300 aircrafts in August-September; besides, a number of international services had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the company's control.

The actual flown hours for all types of aircrafts posed a 0.5% increase against 2004.