Aeroflot Reports Its Performance For November And 11 Months Of 2005

05 May 2010

"Aeroflot – Russian Airlines" has reported its performance for November and 11 months of 2005.

In November 2005, airline transported 478,300 passengers (including 1,200 passengers on charter flights) and 13,600 tons of mail and cargo. 1.459bn of passenger-kilometers and 218.4m ton-kilometers were carried out.

In November revenue load amounted to 58.6 percent, occupancy rate of passenger seats was 65.6%

For the first 11 months of 2005, Aeroflot carried 6.239m passengers and 133,100 tons of cargo and mail, passenger-kilometers amounted to 19.280bn and ton-kilometers reached 2.531bn.

Occupancy rate of passenger seats was 69.4 percent. Revenue load amounted to 58.1 percent.

In comparison with 2004 volume of work has slightly decreased for a number of factors: passenger traffic fell by 86.2m of passenger-kilometers and made 99.6 percent, passenger carriage went down by 127,200 passengers and amounted to 98 percent. Ton-kilometers climbed by 12.7m and made 100.5 percent. Mail transportation increased by 780,600 tons and was 123.6 percent, while cargo transportation dropped by 440,400 tons to 99.7 percent. Such decrease was mainly caused by reduction of flights to Milan and transfer of flights to Khabarovsk to airline "Dalavia".

Actual airborne hours for all types of aircrafts have increased by 1.1 percent in comparison with 2004.