OJSC Aeroflot Board Meeting

05 May 2010

OJSC Aeroflot board of directors has considered a number of current issues regarding airline activity at its regular meeting and concluded the following.

In order to reinforce the positions of the airline on the international and domestic markets of air carriages and develop convenient for the passengers and economically viable network of itineraries a decision was made to create a branch of OJSC Aeroflot in St. Petersburg.

The opening of the branch will allow to increase passenger traffic in the northern region of Russia by creating more attractive conditions for business and tourist air carriages to/from St. Petersburg. In accordance with experts’ appraisals, air carriages market in St. Petersburg and neighboring regions is estimated at more than 9.2 m passengers a year and it is the second largest market in Russia after Moscow. When Aeroflot flights are made from the Northern Capital to the major points in Europe, the air carriages market of St. Petersburg will balance out Moscow market. The fulfillment of air carriages on circular routes will allow to join these two major markets of the country in a single one and create a significant competition for western air carriers.

Moreover, creation of the Aeroflot branch in St. Petersburg will bring obvious benefits to the city due to expansion of the air carriages geography and usage of capabilities of Aeroflot network of itineraries as well creation of new jobs for qualified aviation specialists.

The Board of Directors has also considered preliminary results of Sabre software system application by Aeroflot. It is decided to continue consideration of particular program components on introduction of Sabre system during the next board meetings, in particular regarding issues of electronic ticket technology introduction and development of WEB-booking and sales technology.

The course of construction of the Terminal complex Sheremetyevo-3 and development of the ground infrastructure of OJSC Aeroflot in Sheremetyevo airport have been also discussed. The construction of the third terminal in Sheremetyevo is conducted in accordance with the schedule of construction and on a high qualitative level. The board of directors authorized managing director Valery Okulov to organize work for further development of the ground base of OJSC Aeroflot in Sheremetyevo airport and turn to the respective bodies of the executive power and organizations regarding the following issues:

  • Construction of the light-rail metro line via Chimki town to Sheremetyevo airport (Government of Moscow);
  • Construction of railroad to terminal Sheremetyevo -3 (OJCS MASH and RAO RZD);
  • Financing of works on expansion of Leningradskoye highway through subventions appropriated by the Russian Ministry of Transportation to Moscow city (Russian Ministry of Transportation);
  • Introduction of limitations on cargo transport traffic on the section Moscow Ring Road – Sheremetyevo-1 until the works on expansion of Leningradskoye highway are completed and transit cargo flows are redistributed to other directions (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Russia)
  • Acceleration of the construction works of the first phase of the expressway Moscow-St. Petersburg on the section leading to airport Sheremetyevo (Russian Ministry of Transportation)

Board of Directors has confirmed a new composition of the Committee on strategic development:

  • Bondarenko Mikhail Grigorievich - head of Section for State Property Management of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
  • Dushatin Leonid Alekseevich – the first deputy of the managing director “National Reserve Corporation”;
  • Loschenov Gennady Victorovich – deputy director of the Department for State Policy in Civil Aviation, Geodesy and Cartography of the Russian Ministry of Transportation;
  • Tarasov Ivan Nikolaevich – counselor of the section for Transport Policy for the Department of Industrial Development within the Russian Federation Government;
  • Yurchik Alexandr Alekseevich – head of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia);
  • Yadrennikov Alexandr Sergeevich - counselor, Department for Transport and Communications Property of Rosimuschestvo.

OJSC Aeroflot board of directors has analyzed and taken into consideration information on “Financial and production performance of OJSC Aeroflot for the first nine months of 2005”.