Summary of the activities for September and nine months of 2005

05 May 2010

October 17, 2005, Moscow - "Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines" summarized the activities of the company for September and 9 months of 2005 period.

In September 2005 the company served 638.2 thousand passengers (including 3.6 thousand served by charter flights) and 11.5 thousand tones of mail and cargo loads. 1 billion 908 million of passenger/km and 244.3 million tones/km were made.

In September 2005 the percentage of cargo payload use was 61.3%, and the percentage of passengers' capacity use was 73.0%.

For 9 months of 2005 Aeroflot served 5 million 188 thousand passengers and 106.9 thousand tones of mail and cargo loads. 16 billion 092 million of passenger/km and 2 billion 075 million tones/km were made.

Percentage of the passengers' capacity use was 69.6%. Percentage of commercial payload use was 57.9%.

In comparison with the year 2004 total volume of work increased by all measures except the passenger traffic and constitute correspondingly: 100.9% (+144.7 million p/km) for passengers turnaround, 98.8% (-60.4 thousand passengers) for passenger traffic, 102.1% (+43.6 million tones/km) for tones/km, 127.4% (+719.2 tones) for mail traffic, 103.3% (+3270.7 tones) for cargo traffic.

Fall in the passenger turnaround volume is primarily due to the setting off the operation of Ilyushin 96-300 aircraft, which caused changes to the flight schedule and canceling of a range of flights.

Actual total flight duration for all aircraft types increased by 3.7% comparing with the year 2004.