At the board of directors of Aeroflot

05 May 2010

During the regular meeting the Board of Directors of OAO Aeroflot Company approved big deal on purchase by the company on conditions of financial rent (leasing) of six new Ilyushin-96-300 aircraft. To get an approval of that big deal by the shareholders of the company it is decided to perform special Aeroflot’s stockholders’ meeting on September 19, 2005 in a form of indirect voting.

August 4, 2005 is assigned as the date of completing of list of those who have a right to vote at the special Aeroflot’s stockholders’ meeting. Thirty days before the date of the meeting they will be provided with notification about the meeting, agenda of the meeting and other relevant information together with the voting paper for indirect voting. The report about this meeting will be published in the media.

At the same time the Board of Directors decide to write off three Ilyushin-86 aircraft with expired service time.

The Plan of main undertakings of the Board of Directors of Aeroflot for the period up to June 2006 is approved.

Mr. Mikhail Butrin, the Managing Director of ZAO “United Financial Group” and the Board of Directors of Aeroflot is elected to be a Chairman of the Committee for Strategy of the Board of Directors (“independent director”).

During the session the progress of construction works on Sheremetyevo-3 airport terminal was also examined. It is stated, that project is developing in accordance with the schedule. At the present time OAO Aeroflot is negotiating with the future shareholders of the OAO “Terminal” – Vneshtorgbank, Sberbank, OAO “Sheremetyevo International Airport” – conditions of their participation in the project.

Sheremetyevo-3 airport terminal will be integrated into the common transportation node with the projects of highway and railroad communication between Moscow-center – Sheremetyevo airport planned to be completed within the same time with the new terminal construction.