In Aeroflot Board of Directors

05 May 2010

On April 28, 2005, Aeroflot Board of Directors regular meeting was held.

Board of Directors considered issues on preparing for the Company annual stockholders meeting and approved the annual report, accounting reports including P&L accounts of the Company for 2004 fiscal year.

The Board of Directors recommended Aeroflot annual stockholders meeting of June 18, 2005, to approve these documents. At the meeting the Auditor and the Company Auditing Commission confirmed authenticity of Aeroflot accounting reports for 2004 fiscal year.

The Board of Directors approved profit distribution offered by the Company Board according to the results of 2004 which amounted to 6 330 143 000 rubles, and recommended the stockholders meeting to approve this profit distribution including stockholders dividends as 12,28 % of 777 431 000 rubles (0.70 rubles per an ordinary stock).

There were considered the results of Aeroflot competition on purchasing (leasing) jet airplanes of a regional class.