Aeroflot switches to summer schedule

05 May 2010

On March 27, 2005, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines starts making flights according to the summer schedule which will be valid till October 29, 2005. Compared with the summer timetable of the last year Aeroflot routes and flight frequency in the current season are remarkable for higher intensity and maximum optimization of changing planes. Since Aeroflot is the only route system air carrier in Russia it provides its passengers with unique opportunities of transit to Europe, America, Asia and Africa through Moscow.

During summer period of 2005 Aeroflot is to make regular flights to 89 cities of 47 countries of the world including 34 points in Europe, 6 - in America and Canada, 2 - in Africa, 4 - in the Near and Middle East, 10 - in Asia, 7 - in CIS countries and 25 - in Russia.

In summer of 2005 23 international flights will be made according to Code-Sharing Agreements with 19 foreign airline companies- Aeroflot partners as the flights of joint operation. Besides, Aeroflot will make flights to 21 points in Russia and abroad by planes of affiliate companies - Aeroflot-Don and Aeroflot Nord.

Under summer schedule of 2005 flight frequency is to increase on average by 36% for perspective, the most popular foreign routes and travel directions to Paris, Rome, Milan, Sophia, Zagreb, Venice, Athens, Delhi, Mumbai, Bucharest, Shanghai, Peking, Ulan Bator, Dubai, Beirut, Damascus, and also in Russia to Sochi, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Mineralnye Vody and in CIS countries to Bishkek, Tbilisi and Baku.

Aeroflot social project 'Kaliningrad-Shuttle' will keep developing in summer. In order to provide maximum satisfaction of demand for passenger carriages in summer Aeroflot plans 4 flights a day by Tu-134 and Tu-154 planes.

To meet demands for air carriages standard aircrafts are to be changed for more capacious ones in the following directions: Krasnodar (Tu-154 instead of Tu-134), Nizhnevartovsk (Il-86 instead of Tu-154), Simferopol (Il-86 instead of Tu-154), and also on flights within the social project 'Kaliningrad-Shuttle' (Tu-154 instead of Tu-134). New aircraft types are to be operated on the routes to Dubai (А320 instead of Tu-154) and Beirut (А319 instead of Tu-154).

In summer schedule all the flights to CIS countries will be made from Sheremetyevo-2 Airport. From March 27 flights to Baku and Tashkent will be switched to this airport as well.

They plan further development of regular freight flight system and their timetable optimization. Significant increase of flight frequency is expected for the routes from Hahn to Shanghai and Hong Kong. There will be developed the system of multimodal freight carriages through Hahn Airport using regular truck flights. They plan to start regular flights on overland cargo delivery from Hahn to London.

Under Summer 2005 schedule the airline company air fleet will keep modernizing.

Summer schedule is to be provided with 73 Aeroflot aircrafts.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines (RTS: AFLT) is the largest Russian Company. The state owns 51 per cent of its stocks. It was established in 1923. It controls 11 per cent of home and 39 per cent of international market of air carriages of Russia. Net income is expected to be 5 171.50 million rubles (181.95 million USD) in 2004. According to its financial indicators it is in the list of 25 top airline companies of the world (according to ATW). In 2004 Aeroflot transported 6.862 million passengers. There are 90 airliners in its fleet. Its headquarter is located in Moscow in Sheremetyevo Airport. It is going to build its own terminal Sheremetyevo-3 by 2007. Apply for detailed information about the airline company on its web-sites,