Aeroflot operating results on freight carriages in 2004

05 May 2010

In 2004 freight carriages by DC-10 increased 3.72 times and amounted to 842.504 mln tkm. On the whole the airline company carried 143 000 tons of freight including 58 500 tons by regular freight flights; this exceeded the results of 2003 by 85%. Freight carriages incomes increased by 47.6% and amounted to 197.6 million USD. Revenue from carriages of 3 737 100 tons of post exceeded 3.8 million dollars.

Significant growth of freight carriage indicators was achieved by means of optimization of operating Aeroflot four freight planes DC-10-40. They have flown on DC-10-40 13 271 hours (in 2003 – 6 692 hours) with 9 hours daily per a plane. Running order of planes in the second half of 2004 achieved 98%.

Percentage of enplaned traffic amounted to 70.1%; this exceed the prior year level by 6%.

84 500 tons of freight were carried by passenger airliners (by 7.9 % more than last year). Operating volume increased by 15% at the same time and amounted to 89.5 mln USD.

Regular freight flights on the route Helsinki-Moscow started in 2004; frequency of flights to Hong Kong and Shanghai was increased. Additional flights to China were introduced. Significant service expansion appeared to be development of regular trucking on cargo shipment between Hahn Airport and Amsterdam, Paris and Milan.

Aeroflot–Russian Airlines (RTS: AFLT) is the largest Russian Airline Company. The state owns 51 per cent of its stocks. It was established in 1923. It controls 11 per cent of home and 39 per cent of international market of air carriages of Russia. Favorable geographic location of RF, advanced system of regular passenger flights and representative offices, commercial rights, great potential and traditions accumulated by Aeroflot, qualified personnel are strategic advantages of the Company including its fright structure.

Among the world airline companies-IATA members Aeroflot is included in the list of 50 largest companies according to freight carriages; it is one of the airline companies combining carriages by flights of freight and passenger aircrafts. Regions of the prior importance in Aeroflot freight carriages development are SEA and Europe. The demands of other markets are satisfied through the system of passenger flights.

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