Aeroflot to make full payment of fifth coupon on BO-3 exchange-traded bonds

15 February 2016

Moscow, 15 February 2016 – PJSC Aeroflot (Moscow Exchange ticker: AFLT) announces that it will make full payment to investors of the fifth coupon on its series BO-3 exchange-traded bonds.

Payment for the fifth coupon period was made by PJSC Aeroflot in October 2015, when the Company transferred funds to cover in full its obligations under the coupon. However, due to the withdrawal of the banking licence of OJSC JSCB Probusinessbank and the annulment of the bank’s licence as a professional securities market participant, as well as rejection of CJSC National Settlement Depository to transfer the money to the final holders of PJSC Aeroflot’s bonds, a number of investors were unable to receive the income attributable to them. In connection with this, PJSC Aeroflot resolved to make direct payments of the coupon payments to the accounts of investors who had not received the payment for the fifth coupon period.

The coupon payment will be transferred to bond-holders who have not already received funds, in line with information about the ownership of PJSC Aeroflot’s bonds received from CJSC National Settlement Depository.

Aeroflot’s BO-3 series exchange-traded bonds were issued in April 2013. The bonds have a nominal value of RUB 5 billion and a redemption date of 31 March 2016.


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