Aeroflot Expands Bonus Programme for Aircraft Captains

21 July 2017

Moscow, 21 July 2017 – Aeroflot's Management Board has taken the decision to introduce an additional bonus system for the airline's pilots. Starting 1 October 2017 flight crew members, flight instructors and flight captains, based on their work in the previous three month period and in line with Article 191 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation regarding Labour Incentives for high-performing staff, will be on a quarterly basis paid bonuses as follows:


  • RUB 75,000 (for those with 1-2 years of work experience);
  • RUB 150,000 (for those with 2-3 years of work experience);
  • RUB 240,000 (for those with 3 and more years of work experience).

The new reward system is in line with global standards and best practices in civil aviation.

The decision represents another step towards ensuring an adequate level of income and social protection for Aeroflot's pilots, which should contribute to the consolidation of high-skilled flight personnel at the airline.

Last month, Russia's national flag carrier took the decision to introduce sign-on bonuses for pilots joining the company. Upon joining Aeroflot, one-time payments are made as follows: RUB 650,000 for flight captains; RUB 350,000 for co-pilots.