Aeroflot holds round table to discuss anti-corruption measures

20 September 2018

Moscow, 20 September 2018 – Aeroflot has held a round-table discussion on counteracting corruption in business in collaboration with the Prosecutor General’s Office and commercial organizations. Senior management and heads of departments from Aeroflot participated in the meeting.

“This is the first time that the meeting was held in this format proposed by Aeroflot", said Alexandr Rusetsky, head of the department of the Prosecutor General's Office that oversees implementation of anti-corruption legislation. "Since Russian anti-corruption legislation draws on positive international experience and is one of the most advanced in the world, I am convinced that such discussions should be held systematically”.

“Today's meeting is part of the National Anti-Corruption Plan 2018-2020 approved by Presidential Decree", said Vladimir Alexandrov, Aeroflot's Deputy CEO for Legal and Property Matters. "Aeroflot’s management and CEO Vitaly Saveliev himself consider counteracting corruption as a key strategic priority. We are open to prospective business partners and our financial activities comply with all legislative norms and rules, which helps guarantee reliability on the ground, while also ensuring safety in the air.”

It was proposed to hold such discussions involving representatives of federal authorities and the academic community on an annual basis.

“Aeroflot is strongly committed to anti-corruption business principles and will continue to consistently and extensively implement the full range of measures to counter any illegal ways of doing business”, Vladimir Alexandrov said.