Aeroflot selects SoftwareONE to streamline software asset management

27 December 2019

Moscow, 27 December 2019 - Aeroflot has selected SoftwareONE, an expert in software asset management, for an internal audit and developing documentation for software asset management (SAM).

This is the first stage of a large-scale project to streamline Aeroflot’s SAM procedures, including software inventory, roll-out, operations, license monitoring, and other aspects.

SoftwareONE will carry out an audit in order to systematize and develop new SAM inventory processes. Among the key objectives set before SoftwareONE by Aeroflot are timely purchase and renewal of software licenses, optimal use of active licenses, minimising the risk of use of unlicensed software. As a result, SoftwareONE will develop a custom-made and ready-to-use SAM model for Aeroflot.

By the end of 2019, SoftwareONE’s specialists will complete the first stage of the audit and provide their recommendations, after which they will begin to develop and implement new SAM processes in Aeroflot.

Kirill Bogdanov, Deputy CEO for IT at Aeroflot commented: “Rapid innovation in the aviation industry requires Aeroflot, one of the global leaders in terms of digitalisation, to constantly improve its software asset management. A new SAM model will help prevent losses and reduce software risks. This business-focused SAM model will provide the company with benefits and competitive advantages with regards to software.”