Aeroflot Group Announces Operating Results for January 2021

24 February 2021

Moscow, 24 February 2021 – Aeroflot PJSC (Moscow Exchange ticker: AFLT) today announces Aeroflot Group operating results for January 2021[1].

Key highlights of January 2021[2]:

  • Aeroflot Group carried 2.4 million passengers, 42.7% down year-on-year;
  • 2.1 million passengers carried in domestic segment, 8.0% down year-on-year;
  • Group’s RPK decreased by 56.0% year-on-year, ASK decreased by 57.2% year-on-year;
  • Aeroflot Group’s passenger load factor was 77.2%, a 2.1 percentage point increase versus
    the same period a year earlier;
  • Pobeda Airlines carried 928.0 thousands passengers, a year-on-year increase of 0.5%.

Impact of coronavirus pandemic

The operating results of January 2021 were affected by the dynamics of demand and significant flight restrictions imposed amid the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

In January 2021 Aeroflot Group continued to restore its domestic traffic volumes and partially restore international flights. In addition to flights to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Egypt, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Japan and Serbia, based on regulatory approval flights to Helsinki (Finland) were added with limited frequency. In February flights to Baku (Azerbaijan), Yerevan (Armenia) and Delhi (India) have also recommenced, and the frequency of flights to a number of destinations was increased. However, in general, international traffic remained significantly limited.

Fleet update

In January 2021 Aeroflot Airlines phased out one Airbus А320 and one Airbus A330-200, and also transferred three SSJ100s to the fleet of Rossiya Airlines as part of intra-group redistribution. As of 31 January 2021, the fleet of the Aeroflot Group consisted of 340 aircraft.

Net changes in the fleet Number of aircraft
January 2021 as of 31.01.2021
Aeroflot Group –2 340
Aeroflot Airlines –5 236
Pobeda Airlines 34
Rossiya Airlines +3 70

Aeroflot Group Operating Results

(pro forma, excluding the results of Aurora Airlines in 2020)[3]

January 2021January 2020Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX2,363.64,126.4(42.7%)
- international259.61,839.4(85.9%)
- domestic2,104.12,287.0(8.0%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn4,877.011,087.0(56.0%)
- international901.36,797.9(86.7%)
- domestic3,975.74,289.2(7.3%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn6,321.314,765.6(57.2%)
- international1,390.98,965.3(84.5%)
- domestic4,930.35,800.3(15.0%)
Passenger load factor, %77.2%75.1%2.1 p.p.
- international64.8%75.8%(11.0 p.p.)
- domestic80.6%73.9%6.7 p.p.
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes18,525.322,978.3(19.4%)
- international7,217.613,429.1(46.3%)
- domestic11,307.89,549.218.4%
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn80.795.5(15.6%)
- international42.363.2(33.0%)
- domestic38.332.318.6%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn519.61,093.4(52.5%)
- international123.4675.0(81.7%)
- domestic396.1418.4(5.3%)
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn836.61,780.6(53.0%)
- international261.51,102.8(76.3%)
- domestic575.1677.8(15.1%)
Revenue load factor, %62.1%61.4%0.7 p.p.
- international47.2%61.2%(14.0 p.p.)
- domestic68.9%61.7%7.2 p.p.
Revenue flights18,33033,861(45.9%)
- international2,18714,088(84.5%)
- domestic16,14319,773(18.4%)
Flight hours 45,76795,626(52.1%)

Aeroflot Group Operating Results

Aeroflot Airlines

January 2021January 2020Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX1.044.42,636.1(60.4%)
- international192.71,423.3(86.5%)
- domestic851.71,212.8(29.8%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn2,406.37,506.7(67.9%)
- international728.65,279.1(86.2%)
- domestic1,677.62,227.6(24.7%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn3,424.310,610.1(67.7%)
- international1,167.87,245.1(83.9%)
- domestic2,256.53,364.9(32.9%)
Passenger load factor, %70.3%70.8%(0.5 p.p.)
- international62.4%72.9%(10.5 p.p.)
- domestic74.3%66.2%8.1 p.p.
Revenue flights9,49424,256(60.9%)
- international1,69311,648(85.5%)
- domestic7,80112,608(38.1%)
Flight hours24,91969,865(64.3%)

Pobeda Airlines

January 2021January 2020Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX928.0922.90.5%
- international51.8195.0(73.4%)
- domestic876.1727.920.4%
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn1,543.31,682.7(8.3%)
- international127.6436.4(70.8%)
- domestic1,415.61,246.313.6%
Available Seat Kilometres, mn1,709.31,782.0(4.1%)
- international168.8476.3(64.6%)
- domestic1,540.51,305.618.0%
Passenger load factor, %90.3%94.4%(4.1 p.p.)
- international75.6%91.6%(16.0 p.p.)
- domestic91.9%95.5%(3.6 p.p.)
Revenue flights5,4235,1874.5%
- international3641,135(67.9%)
- domestic5,0594,05224.9%
Flight hours12,35312,782(3.4%)

Rossiya Airlines

January 2021January 2020Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX391.3567.4(31.0%)
- international15.1221.1(93.2%)
- domestic376.2346.38.6%
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn927.51,897.6(51.1%)
- international45.11,082.4(95.8%)
- domestic882.5815.28.2%
Available Seat Kilometres, mn1,187.72,373.6(50.0%)
- international54.31,243.8(95.6%)
- domestic1,133.31,129.70.3%
Passenger load factor, %78.1%79.9%(1.9 p.p.)
- international83.0%87.0%(4.1 p.p.)
- domestic77.9%72.2%5.7 p.p.
Revenue flights3,4134,418(22.7%)
- international1301,305(90.0%)
- domestic3,2833,1135.5%
Flight hours8,49412,979(34.6%)

Appendix 1.

Aeroflot Group Operating Results (including the results of Aurora Airlines in 2020)[4]

January 2021January 2020Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX2,363.64,234.4(44.2%)
- international259.61,876.1(86.2%)
- domestic2,104.12,358.3(10.8%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn4,877.011,238.3(56.6%)
- international901.36,851.9(86.8%)
- domestic3,975.74,386.4(9.4%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn6,321.315,019.6(57.9%)
- international1,390.99,044.6(84.6%)
- domestic4,930.35,975.0(17.5%)
Passenger load factor, %77.2%74.8%2.3 p.p.
- international64.8%75.8%(11.0 p.p.)
- domestic80.6%73.4%7.2 p.p.
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes18,525.323,385.3(20.8%)
- international7,217.613,472.4(46.4%)
- domestic11,307.89,912.914.1%
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn80.796.2(16.2%)
- international42.363.3(33.1%)
- domestic38.333.016.3%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn519.61,107.7(53.1%)
- international123.4679.9(81.8%)
- domestic396.1427.7(7.4%)
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn836.61,807.7(53.7%)
- international261.51,111.6(76.5%)
- domestic575.1696.1(17.4%)
Revenue load factor, %62.1%61.3%0.8 p.p.
- international47.2%61.2%(14.0 p.p.)
- domestic68.9%61.5%7.4 p.p.
Revenue flights18,33035,790(48.8%)
- international2,18714,566(85.0%)
- domestic16,14321,224(23.9%)
Flight hours 45,76799.073(53.8%)

[1] Management accounts.

[2] Comparison of 2021 Aeroflot Group figures vs. corresponding period of previous year is based on pro forma results, which exclude the results of Aurora Airlines in 2020.

[3] PJSC "Aeroflot" terminated its participation in the capital of JSC "Aurora Airlines" on December 25, 2020, having sold the shares owned by the Company.

[4] PJSC "Aeroflot" terminated its participation in the capital of JSC "Aurora Airlines" on December 25, 2020, having sold the shares owned by the Company.