Aeroflot changes rules and procedures for transporting animals

22 June 2021

22 June 2021, Moscow — Aeroflot has introduced changes to rules and procedures for transporting animals. The new regulations are aimed to ensure a comfortable and safe flight for all categories of passengers.

The changes have been the result of the work of an expert group for enhancement of service of animal carriage.

The expert group established in autumn 2020 comprised representatives of cynological and felinological associations, aviation experts as well as LLC “Sheremetyevo Handling” and heads of a number of the airline’s departments.

According to the new rules the number of pets allowed for transportation by one passenger has been increased from one to three.

Two adult animals (6+ months) can be carried in one pet container provided that their weight does not exceed 8 kg.

Passengers and their family members carrying two containers with animals in the cabin are allowed to place them in the central block of seats on wide-body aircraft.

A passenger carrying an animal, in addition to the free checked baggage allowance, may carry a stroller for the animal and use it before boarding (the service is provided taking into account the infrastructure of the airports of the route network, if the weight of the stroller does not exceed 10 kg and the dimensions when folded do not exceed 203 cm as a sum of the three dimensions).

The time for advance notice for pet transportation has been reduced to 6 hours (previously – at least 24 hours prior to departure).

The requirements for animal containers have been further specified.

At check-in, the animals and the cage is photographed, and a sticker with the pet’s information and the owner’s phone number is attached to the cage.

The requirements for loading animals on board the aircraft have also been changed: additional restrictions have been introduced on the maximum time spent by the container on the apron, as well as requirements for the use of cage protection from bad weather. Special places are allocated to ensure comfort for the animal during the wait.

Restrictions have been lifted on transportation of dogs of brachycephalic breeds: Pugs, Boxers, Bulldogs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu.

The list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs prohibited for transportation has been reduced. The list comprised 75 breeds previously, and 12 now (in accordance with the decree of the Governemnet of the Russian Federation № 974 dated 29.07.2019).

Aeroflot has updated the section on the website where travelers can find a clear-cut instruction on the preparation for travelling with a pet, exhaustive information and answers to FAQ.

Aeroflot plans to launch online service for booking and payment of animal transportation. Passengers will be able to access the service via their personal cabinet on Aeroflot website or in the mobile application. Passengers will also be able to insure their pets as part of their flight insurance.