Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo Airport implement a host of measures to provide safety and comfort for passengers, visitors, and personnel

18 November 2021

Moscow, 18 November 2021 – Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo International Airport have jointly implemented a range of measures to enhance safety for passengers and personnel. Risk of contracting coronavirus has been minimized throughout the journey: on the ground, on board, when transiting from one flight to another.

Aeroflot thoroughly disinfects each aircraft cabin before the flight, with a special focus on seat armrests, tray tables, lavatories, overhead bins.

State-of-the-art HEPA filters are used to clean the interior air. They remove over 99,9% of harmful particles, including bacteria and viruses. Due to constant recirculation the air gets sterile, and probability to contract a virus reaches almost zero.

During the flight, passengers and crew are required to wear personal protective gears at all times. Facemasks can only be removed to consume food or drink. Travellers are offered fresh masks every three hours. Aircraft lavatories are equipped with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.

In Sheremetyevo Airport terminals, there are floor markings designating a social distance of 1.5 meters in the passenger and staff service zones. Passengers are duly informed through various communication channels.

All airport and airline frontline personnel are provided with individual protective equipment. Over 84% of Aeroflot employees and about 75% of Sheremetyevo employees have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

Passengers and visitors of the airport have access to hand sanitizer and can purchase facemasks and gloves. To enhance passenger and employee health protection Sheremetyevo installed Potok (“Flow”), an innovative Russian air disinfection system, at the airport’s medical offices where emergency care, testing and vaccination are provided.

Fast and convenient connections are provided at the airport. In Terminal C, there are automated passport control booths allowing to pass border in a contactless way.

Should they wish, passengers and employees of Sheremetyevo can get vaccinated for COVID-19 free of charge or get a paid PCR express-test. At Sheremetyevo, eight PCR express-test centers are open round-the-clock in Terminals B, C, D and in Aeroexpress Terminal. There is a coronavirus vaccination center at the airport as well.

The safety of passengers and employees is the key priority for both Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo International Airport during the pandemic period. Given passenger traffic growth following gradual resumption of international flights, it is especially important to abide by epidemic prevention measures. The airline and the airport are constantly improving passenger and personnel health care and protection system.