Rossiya Airlines and St. Petersburg agreed to advertise the city for the tourists

18 December 2021

Rossiya Airlines and Tourist Information Bureau of St. Petersburg subordinate to Tourism Development Committee presented winter holiday routes for tourists and signed an agreement implying the promotion of St. Petersburg in domestic and foreign tourist markets.

Within the concluded agreement, the parties committed to cooperate comprehensively and effectively to improve the quality of tourist services, coordinate actions when developing joint action plans, concepts, programmes and solutions determining the strategic course in the goals and objectives implementation. The Tourist Information Bureau and Rossiya Airlines will provide mutual support for initiatives and activities of a conceptual and practical nature in the framework of interaction with federal and regional authorities, as well as the tourist community.

Earlier, the Tourist Information Bureau won a prize at the Masters of Hospitality competition with the project Tourist Brand of St. Petersburg on Board of Rossiya Airline. It is planned that the project will be implemented in 2022, and passengers will be able to see a new branded passenger plane at St. Petersburg airport.

“The brand of Rossiya Airlines is inherently connected to St. Petersburg. We pay a lot of attention in the information policy to the airport of the base city and development of the route network. Therefore, a lot has been done in cooperation with the Tourism Development Committee over the past year. This includes the opening of new flights, and presentations about the city, including in the North Caucasus. Last year alone, we opened five flights to the North Caucasus. The agreement with the Tourist Information Bureau shifts the relations already established in 2021 to the legal plane. Among the plans we were going to was the creation of a special livery dedicated to St. Petersburg, the city of our residence. It is already known that it will be a Superjet 100, a domestic aircraft. It is symbolic, we hope that it will become a new symbol of the Sledge of St. Petersburg” said Sergey Starikov, press secretary of Rossiya Airlines. He also noted that projects of the future design of the aircraft are currently being selected.

"We are actively interacting with colleagues and working with Rossiya Airlines, media of St. Petersburg, Russian cities and foreign countries," said Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee. – But first of all, our work is aimed at the residents of St. Petersburg. Because, as a very wise man, the former Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Mr. Taleb Rifai, said, only when some places, routes and opportunities are liked by the residents of the city, then they are attractive to guests."

The head of the committee also additionally noted the importance of interaction with the media as part of the promotion of a tourist product: "Foreign guests come to us and use the author's excursions that our tour operators make. They visit those routes and those points that we tell about through the media and with the help of our information campaigns."