Aeroflot launches winter schedule

26 October 2018

Moscow, 26 October 2018 – Aeroflot announces the launch of its Winter 2018/2019 schedule, which will operate from 28 October 2018 through 30 March 2019.

This winter season Aeroflot together with its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines will offer 14 new destinations. Aeroflot topped the rating compiled by UK analytical centre by the number of new destinations served in the winter 2018-2019 season (vs.previous winter season).

The winter 2018/2019 season includes Aeroflot – Russian Airlines flights to 152 destinations in 55 countries, including 54 routes inside Russia (53 from Moscow, 1 from Sochi), 18 routes to seven CIS countries and 80 other international flights. These include 56 routes to European destinations, 14 routes to Asia, five routes to the Americas, four routes to the Middle East and one route to Africa.

Most of the new routes are within Russia. Aeroflot’s route network now spans the largest cities in the Northern Caucasus, including Vladikavkaz (7 flights per week), Grozny (7 flights per week), Makhachkala (21 flights per week), Nazran (Magas) (7 flights per week), Nalchik (7 flights per week). Aeroflot now also offers 14 weekly flights each to Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk.

This coming season Aeroflot plans to expand its presence in the CIS market. The Company launches direct flights from Moscow to Bukhara, Uzbekistan (2 flights per week) and Osh, Kyrgyzstan (7 flights per week). We are also introducing flights to three new European destinations: Gothenburg (7 flights per week), Dublin (7 flights per week) and Ljubljana (7 flights per week).

The new flight from Moscow to Denpasar, Bali will also be Aeroflot’s longest service out of those introduced this season. Three weekly flights will be operated together by Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines under a codeshare agreement. Colombo, Sri Lanka will be another addition to Aeroflot’s South-Asian destinations. Five weekly flights will also be operated together by Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines.

Increased frequencies on existing routes are of particular note for Aeroflot’s winter schedule. Compared to summer 2018, Aeroflot will increase frequencies on the following domestic flights: Arkhangelsk (from 21 to 28 flights per week, Belgorod (from 14 to 21 flights per week), Chelyabinsk (from 35 to 42 flights per week), Ekaterinburg (from 63 to 70 flights per week), Kazan (from 49 to 54 flights per week), Kemerovo (from 7 to 14 flights per week), Nizhnevartovsk (from 14 to 21 flights per week), St. Petersburg (from 140 to 154 flights per week), Saratov (from 21 to 28 flights per week), Surgut (from 14 to 21 flights per week), Ufa (from 42 to 56 flights per week) and Volgograd (from 35 to 42 flights per week).

We are also increasing flight frequencies to European destinations: Belgrade (from 14 to 21 flights per week), Brussels (from 14 to 21 flights per week), Istanbul (from 28 to 35 flights per week), Lyon (from 7 to 14 flights per week), Sofia (from 7 to 14 flights per week), Stuttgart (from 7 to 14 flights per week) and the Canary Island destination Tenerife (from 5 to 7 flights per week).

On routes to Middle East and Asia, flight frequencies will increase for the following destinations: Dubai (from 14 to 28 flights per week, including 7 weekly flights to Dubai World Central), Bangkok (from 7 to 21 flights per week, including flights operated together with Rossiya Airlines), Male (from 3 to 7 flights per week), Phuket (from 7 to 10 flights per week) and Ho Chi Minh City (from 2 to 3 flights per week). Aeroflot is also adding another weekly flight to Miami.

Aeroflot’s expansive route network is supplemented by service offered by its subsidiary airlines:

  • In winter 2018/2019, Rossiya Airlines will fly to 50 destinations from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Rostov-on-Don;
  • Aurora Airlines offers 17 routes from Russia’s Far East.

Low-cost carrier Pobeda is likewise developing a unique route network, flying to 79 destinations both in Russia and internationally.

In Winter 2018-2019, Aeroflot Group will fly its own scheduled flights on 298 routes (252 unique routes) to 57 countries.

Aeroflot Group’s offerings are enhanced by code-sharing agreements with partner airlines that cover an additional 185 destinations. Code-sharing agreements allow Aeroflot to offer travel to an additional 19 countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ghana, Iceland, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Myanmar, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

In total, inclusive of partner airline flights, Aeroflot Group in Winter 2018-2019 will fly 483 routes (437 non-repetitive routes) to 76 countries.