Anti-corruption practices

The management of PJSC Aeroflot places significant emphasis on conducting business in accordance with universally recognized ethical standards and considers unacceptable any cases of bribery or corruption by its employees.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we have transformed our company into a successful global enterprise, Aeroflot Group, and are currently assuming functions of a national air carrier, substantially contributing to the development of the national economy. Aeroflot was also acknowledged internationally as the strongest brand both in Russia and among global airlines.

It is not only the success itself that matters, but also the way we achieve it. We are therefore committed to conducting our business openly and fairly.

Aeroflot regularly carries out a range of measures to prevent and counteract corruption. In 2014, our company joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business, publicly highlighting its commitment to further increasing the level of corporate transparency.

The airline adopted and currently applies the Anti-Corruption Policy of Aeroflot Group, Corporate Ethics Code of PJSC Aeroflot and other documents aimed at preventing and counteracting corruption. These documents were implemented to comply with the norms and rules stipulated by the legislation, as well as advanced corporate practices of the industry.

We undertake all necessary measures to minimize the risk of having business relations with individuals and legal entities, which have previously been or might currently be involved in corrupt activities. We regularly update the documents aimed at preventing and counteracting corruption and ensure that relevant obligations are duly fulfilled.

We declare our commitment to implement advanced tools and technologies that help us further increase the transparency of our business. Our team respects fair competition and encourages compliance by all Aeroflot Group’s contractors and partners with anti-corruption principles.

The management of PJSC Aeroflot encourages employees and other third-parties to approach company representatives whenever they want to voice concerns about known policy violations.

We welcome our passengers’ concern and we appreciate their responsible attitude towards anti-corruption issues.

Reporting corruption-related cases

Should you have any doubts as to whether the acts and actions of those having contractual relations with the Company are lawful and ethical or violate our corruption policy, you may report this via our special communication channels:

  • mailing address: 10 Arbat str., 119002 Moscow, Russia, Department for Economic Security of PJSC Aeroflot.

These communication channels are created for everyone to voice their concerns about known policy violations involving PJSC Aeroflot employees, namely: abuse of power, active or passive bribery, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other unlawful use of official position by an individual, contrary to the legitimate interests of the society and State in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or property-related services, or other property rights for themselves or for third persons, or unlawful provision of such benefits to such a person by other individuals, as well as committing the acts specified above on behalf of or in the interests of PJSC Aeroflot.

Anonymous reports and notifications not related to corruption cases involving PJSC Aeroflot employees will not be considered. For other inquiries, please use other communication channels.

While receiving and considering reports about corruption-related cases, we guarantee confidentiality and strictly avoid any persecution of citizens who notify us about cases of corruption.