Social Initiatives

  • Aeroflot Group makes an important contribution to transport connectivity, promoting regional economic development, including small and medium-sized enterprises. The Company is actively involved in local community life, providing continuous support to charities and assistance to socially-oriented initiatives.

  • Aeroflot Group offers flights from Moscow to 65 Russian cities, connecting major regional and industrial centres to Moscow with direct flights. In remote regions, the Group runs a special flat fare programme with uniform economy class fares that do not change as the flight date approaches. The programme is aimed at improving the mobility of Russian people and transport connectivity of remote regions. A total of 1.6 million passengers were carried under the flat fare programme by Aeroflot and Rossiya airlines in 2020 (2.3 million PAX in 2019).
  • An international program which facilitates air travel for war veterans during the annual Victory Day celebrations in May.
  • Regular assistance in transportation of gravely ill children to overseas medical institutions for treatment unavailable in their home communities.
  • Miles of Mercy programme enables the Aeroflot Bonus programme participants to contribute part of their bonus miles to charity organisations: Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) charitable fund, the Life Line fund, The Step Together charitable foundation, the Russian Assistance Fund operated by Kommersant Publishing House, Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. The miles are used to carry children with serious health conditions to countries and cities where they can receive required treatment. The project helps engage people in social initiatives.
  • Throughout its history, Aeroflot has traditionally supported sports. Aeroflot is the general partner of the Russian Olympic Committee, official air carrier of the Russian Olympic Team, as well as the official carrier of the CSKA Professional Football Club. Aeroflot has co-operated on regular base with the Russian Chess Federation by being the general sponsor of the world’s top open chess tournament, the Aeroflot Open.
  • Aeroflot works closely with the Russian government to provide aid and evacuation services to people affected by conflict or natural disasters. In 2020, at the peak of restrictions, Aeroflot Group operated special flights to repatriate Russian citizens from countries that introduced air restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Aeroflot Group is a leading employer providing around 36,000 jobs in Russia and at its operations abroad.
  • Aeroflot remains committed to investing in its staff and supports a progressive work environment with competitive salaries and benefit packages under the collective bargaining agreement which has been prolonged until December 1, 2023.