Social Initiatives

Aeroflot plays an active role in its community through on-going support of social programs, charitable organizations and community events. Aeroflot is actively involved with a variety of social initiatives, including:

  • The Flat Rate Program that ensures affordable air travel between Central Russia and its far-flung regions and cities like the Far East, Kaliningrad and Simferopol, thereby promoting geographical mobility of people. Since 2018, this program has been extended to Rossiya’s flights to the Far Eastern destinations inside Russia.
  • An international program which facilitates air travel for war veterans during the annual Victory Day celebrations in May.
  • Regular assistance in transportation of gravely ill children to overseas medical institutions for treatment unavailable in their home communities.
  • Miles of Charity Program, a joint project of Aeroflot and Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) Foundation, which allows frequent flyers to donate their bonus miles to seriously ill children.
  • Throughout its history, Aeroflot has traditionally supported sports. It has been General Partner and Official Carrier of the Russian Olympic Committee/Russian Olympic Team. The company has prolonged the partnership with CSKA Moscow professional football club, thereby staying the renowned team’s official carrier up to Dec. 31, 2020. Aeroflot has co-operated on regular base with the Russian Chess Federation by being the general sponsor of the world’s top open chess tournament, the Aeroflot Open. At this point, the airline has to end all financial sponsorship agreements involving payments in 2020.
  • Russia’s Ministry for Extraordinary Situations (EMERCOM). Aeroflot works closely with the Russian government to provide aid and evacuation services to people affected by conflict or natural disasters. In 2020, the airline has been active in operating repatriation flights for the Russian citizens stuck abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Aeroflot has its Public Council which consists of prominent public figures and performs advisory functions to the company in making its policy best suited to the needs and interests of society.
  • As a major international airline, Aeroflot is a leading employer providing around 23,000 jobs in Russia and at its operations abroad. It remains committed to investing in its staff and supports a progressive work environment with competitive salaries and benefit packages under the collective bargaining agreement which has been prolonged until December 1, 2023.
  • Aeroflot offers competitive pay and a wide range of employee benefits, advantages and privileges. Aeroflot run multiple programmes to provide social benefits (in accordance with the collective agreement, which is extended until December 1, 2023), incentive schemes and training opportunities empowering each employee to fulfill their potential.