Society and development

Airlines contribute to economic development and prosperity, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in a wide range of areas.

Aeroflot Group with its extensive network makes an important contribution to the nation’s social and economic development ensuring connectivity of cities and regions.

Group’s low-cost segment makes air travel affordable and provides all passengers irrespective of income with an opportunity to travel from industrial centers to resorts to improve health, meet with relatives and friends from other cities while also stimulating the improvement of well-being of the regions visited.

Aeroflot Group runs the Flat Fare programme proposing unchanged irrespective of departure time fares for a number of routes to ensure affordable air transportation from remote regions to the European Russia.

Aeroflot Group takes a responsible approach to communication with the authorities, local communities and public associations in the regions in which it operates.

Aeroflot Group runs various social programs, including cooperation and support of charitable organizations, cultural and sports sponsorship, partnership with medical institutions and assistance to victims of natural disasters.